Read this Before Accepting Your NYSC PPA

This is a serious warning for all Corp Members who want to enjoy their service. A lot of people take advantage of Corp Members to achieve their goals. In order not to become somebody’s rag in your service year, you need to read this carefully.

New corpers are always filled with anxiety, so anxious to get to their place of primary assignment all in the name of getting there on time to get their acceptance and returning home. It is normal as you would want to showcase your Khaki to your family members as well as eat your special homemade delicacy. Well, that can wait.

So endeavor to check the factors below to avoid making a common mistake other make.

Read this Before Accepting Your NYSC PPA

1. Don’t be Anxious

Don’t be too anxious to get accepted by a PPA.

There is always enough time. Don’t be like many corp members who in the name of frustration, accepted Preschool and ended up being treated like nannies, baby-sitting and cleaning the mess of kindergarten pupils.

2. Good Accomodation

Most NYSC PPA will definitely not be having conducive accommodation for all corp members posted under them due to facilities, too much crowd and other related problems. On several occasions, you will have to get accommodation for yourself.

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Note: Some NYSC PPA might provide you with accommodation but you may not like it due to privacy or other issues. And bear it in mind that not all NYSC PPA will provide you with accommodation.

3. Your Free Day Must be Allowed

NYSC have granted you a free day every week in which you are not to report to your PPA at all. Your free day is usually your CDS (Community Development Service) day. Your PPA must be ready to give you this day fully.

4. Local Allowance

This allowance is the monthly pay you will be receiving from your PPA. It is usually not less than #5000. This allowance will complement the federal allowance. So it is in your best interest to make sure you are paid on time and pain a reasonable amount as many employers like to owe to corpers.

5. Work Load

Don’t ever let them overwork you. A corper is not expected to teach more than two subjects in a school.

But sometimes, out of the goodness of your heart, you may decide to take more subjects that you are sure to handle. Know the to what you can do and achieve.

6. Gather Information

Gather information from the existing corpers and workers in the organisation to know how the management have been dealing with workers. By doing this, you will be able to tell if they will keep to their promises or not.

7. Rules and Regulations

Almost all PPA have some stipulated rules and regulations that you are expected to abide with but some PPA does have those you can’t abide with.

For instance, some PPA may tell you how to dress or not to receive visitors of the opposite sex and stuffs like that. If you can’t go with it, please tell them to reject you.

So if you are okay with everything and feel an agreement have been reached between you and your PPA, you can collect your acceptance letter and for your documentation.

After which you can now go home and return after the stipulated date.

NYSC Forum cares about your service year, you are too important not to enjoy this few months.

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