NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter

Place of primary Assignment (PPA) is one of the important arms of NYSC. The complete scheme comprises of the 3-weeks Orientation course, CDS (Community Development Service) and POP (Passing Out Parade). So, it is impossible to completely pass through the service year without a PPA.

PPA is the place a corp member will be posted to serve after the orientation course. Most of the corp members, in short, 90% will be posted to schools, only a handful will be posted to other sectors in the community.

NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter

After receiving your PPA posting letter (the letter contains the name and location of your PPA) in camp, you are expected to visit the place and check if they are ready to receive you.

If you are satisfied with the provisions made for you, go ahead and submit the letter and an acceptance letter will be issued to you.

NOTE: The acceptance letter is a letter that confirms an official appointment of corp member in a place of primary assignment.

NYSC acceptance letter
NYSC PPA Acceptance letter

Take the acceptance to the NYSC office and proceed with your documentation.

But if you don’t like your new PPA, due to some reasons or the other, then you can now start talking of changing the PPA.

The painful truth is that, if the refuse to reject you, you are going nowhere.

When Should a Corp Member Seek for Rejection Letter

There are cases whereby you will not like to serve in your new PPA. Some of those cases are:

  • When the accommodation given is not up to standard.According to the NYSC policy, any employer that is requesting for a corper should be ready to provide some basic amenities for the comfort of the corper. When an establishment is not ready to provide this or provides below standard, you have the freedom to request for rejection.
  • If an organization have the maximum amount of corpers they need, they may decide to reject you.
  • If the corper doesn’t fit into the position available, they can also reject him/her instantly.
  • Organizations are expected to pay corpers a certain amount of money to complement the monthly allowance from the federal government. The amount is usually not less than #5000 and it is called local allowance. If the amount is below the minimum amount, you can choose to ask for rejection or stay if your pocket can permit that.
  • If you have some other personal motives, eg. starting your business, joining an organization you already have in mind, then you can ask for rejection.

How To Change Your PPA

This could prove to be a difficult point in time. Seeking for rejection and going about the change of PPA process can be alarming.

Here’s some ways you can try to get your PPA changed.

Negotiate with your PPA

Have a polite negotiation with your PPA and make them see reasons why they should reject you. You will need to provide solid and reasonable excuses. Especially in the case of private schools.

They reason is that, they had written a letter to NYSC office, requesting for a corper to be posted to their school. The application means they are short on staffs and need immediate filling. Now, you arrive and request to be rejected. I believe you know you what your reaction will be if you were in their position.

So, this is why it can be very difficult to get rejected just through negotiations.

Complain to NYSC

If the accommodation given to you is not conducive, or there is threat to life or property and your PPA refuses to reject you. Another way to make NYSC change your PPA is by writing a complain letter to NYSC about your PPA and requesting for a change. They will get another PPA to accommodate you.

However, it is not always easy to get NYSC to change your PPA through a complain letter because many corp members have abused it by coming up with so many lies just to change their PPA. NYSC hardly believes or no longer believe the lies.

But, in case you have a genuine reason, you can send a proof to NYSC office or luckily they can pay you a visit. If your story checks out, then your PPA will be changed.


Well, everyone loves their peace. Having an aggressive person in an organization is not what anybody will hope for. If your PPA refuses to reject you, you can use this trick on them. If you are lucky, this would get you a rejection letter.

Note: Aggression isn’t a trick I would advice you to use. It can be the key that unlocks lots of problems for you. So, be careful how you rely on aggression as a tool to achieve an aim.

NYSC Acceptance Letter Tips

This tips are for those that are looking to get a PPA by themselves.

  • The NYSC acceptance letter is an official letter. This the first thing you need to remember before drafting the letter.
  • Do not use slangs or other unprofessional languages.
  • Make sure there is no error in the letter.
  • Use the letter headed paper of the organization/company

NYSC Acceptance Letter Format

You will find the acceptance letter format below.

The State Coordinator

NYSC office

Address of NYSC office (city, state)

Full Date (day, month, year)


Letter of Acceptance

This is to inform you that the Corps member has been accepted to our School (College, University, Company, Organization) with the effect from July 8, 2019 (make sure it is the exact date), with the following particulars: Name (full name of NYSC corper), discipline or job position, state code number, NYSC member call up number.

We appreciate your kind gesture.

Yours faithfully,

Name of organization administrator


I believe you now know everything you need to no about the NYSC acceptance letter. if you need further clarification, you can ask me in the comment box below.

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