What To Expect On The First Day Of NYSC Orientation Camp

This article is for the benefit of those preparing for their camping exercise. I will be telling what to expect and what to do on day one.

Receiving call-up letter is usually the happiest moment of a corper’s life but the three weeks orientation camp that follows can either be hell on earth or heaven on earth. It all depends on you.

I will also be sharing some personal experiences also.

Back in school, most people say the best time to resume is a day after resumption. Well, that doesn’t apply to the orientation camp. The best time to arrive Camp is a day before or early hours of the first day. I arrived around 3 pm of the first day and ended up finishing my clearance on the second day.

My camp wasn’t even in one of the top cities like Lagos, Oyo or Abuja but I still went through stress. So imagine going late to camps in those cities.

What To Expect On The First Day Of NYSC Orientation Camp

Arriving at the Orientation Camp

I was posted to the same camp with a friend of mine from same school. We decided to travel on the day of resumption but lucky for him he saw a lift a day before.

This proved to be very helpful as he completed his clearance even before I got to camp on day one. Now the main reason why people prefer a day before is because of the accommodation. You will be able to get a very good space and bed since there will be very few people in camp that day.

When you get to camp on day one. Just start gathering all the strength you can get because the marathon race have just began for you. From the gate, you will drop your luggage for inspection to ensure there is no contraband or unwanted materials in it. They officials will also ask you to present your call-up letter.

Something terrible happened to a corp member on my first day. We got to the camp same time. When we were asked to present the call-up letter, she checked her bag and couldn’t find it. She forgot it at home. She had to travel back. Please your documents should be the first to pack to avoid stories that touch.

After the search, I was given a paper in which a number was written. That number is very important so do not misplace it.


This process is not usually tasking. When I got there, people weren’t much. I wrote down my name after showing them the paper I was given at the gate. I was taken to a room to pick up mattress. At this point almost all the good mattresses were taken. This is why coming late to camp means no comfort for you. I spent a while searching. i finally found one i could use.

I was direct to my room. Luckily there was a down bunk in the room that was still empty. The first thing I did was bring out marker and start to put names on some items then I locked them with my padlock. It’s a new world, you may not know anyone, so you need to be smart.

If you have friends that you know were posted to the same camp as you, this the time to start letting them know you are around. Having people you know around can make life in camp better. See also: Steps To Complete NYSC Camp Registration.


This is where having friends paid off. I got to the registration hall around 4 pm. I didn’t even know where to start from. I had to call one of my friend and he explained everything to me. You may not have such luck so always ask questions from those around before you got there to avoid embarrassment and insults.

See also: Things You Must Have for NYSC Camp.

In my camp, there was a very long queue for the registration. I had to wait in line for over an hour 30 minutes before it got to my turn.

Don’t forget to take all your documents, ID card, biro, gum or stapler and passports to the registration center.

When it was my turn, I presented my documents. Everything checked out. But there was one issue. I forgot my medical certificate of fitness. They official asked me to go get and get it. Another reason why you shouldn’t forget your documents and please, get an original certificate not a scanned copy.

Luckily for me there was a general hospital close to the camp. I had to get a certificate from the hospital the next day. Finally I was able to complete that process. Then I did my bio-metrics verification to verify that I did my own thumbprint during registration.

If you are good to go, a registration slip and your permanent state code will be given to you. The state code is your unique identity and you will be using it for the whole of the service year. Photocopy whatever document is given to you.

Opening Bank Account

NYSC expects every corp member to open a bank account. In my camp, opening the account was one of the registration process. Banks where assigned to a specific group of state codes. Ones you identify the bank that your state code falls under, you will head to their stand to fill the form for opening account, The submit your 2 passport to them.

Collection of Kits and Platoon Registration

This is the final stage of registration and it can be annoying as you will hardly be given your size. I was given a very short khaki jacket, my white shoe couldn’t even contain my toes. It was so small. This where my extra out fits came in handy.

If you given kits that are not your size, look for someone with a size close to yours for swapping. Luckily for me, my roommate was given a huge jacket and my own was his size.

Locate your platoon for the final step. Your platoon number is the last digit of your state code. For instance, if your state code is 0584, then you are in platoon 4.

There are 10 platoons in all NYSC camps. Every corper is attached to a platoon and all or most of the activities you do in camp will be based on platoons.

This is your new camp family. Sincerely, you will be spending more time with your platoon than even your friends. Luckily for me, two of my friends were in the same platoon as me. That made it even much more fun for me.

At the platoon registration point, you will fill some forms then they will give you your complete kit which contains a pair of NYSC khaki trouser and jacket, a crested vest, 1 belt, 2 white t-shirts and shorts and 2 pairs of white socks. You will be given some booklets that will contain the camp schedule, NYSC anthem, rules and regulations on camp, etc.

After this point you are done with the registration and can now go and get ready to start the exercise.

I believe you now have an idea about what you are preparing for and have decided on how you want your experience to be.

Please share this post with your friends if it was helpful.

Thank you.

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