Tips For NYSC Fresh Corpers

The NYSC service is a mandatory exercise that every Nigerian graduate must partake in. Most times, this exercise involves a complete change of environment. Some of those staying in the metropolitan cities ends up in rural or semi-rural areas where they are need to adapt because they will be a part of the community all through their service year.

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Quick Tips for NYSC Corpers


  • It is advisable to be with other corpers, it could be a residence provided by your place of primary assignment (PPA) for corpers, a lodge for corpers built by the Government or a family house (which could be NCCF family house for all Christian corpers, NACC family house for Catholic corpers or MCAN lodge for corpers). There are other religious family houses you can find in the community.
  • The reason for the tip above is that information reaches you faster when you live with other corpers. Imagine relying on someone for information, only for the person not to have airtime when an important message is being circulated. Living together will also reduce expenses.
  • You must have been hearing of different security threats faced by corpers. This threats can range from minor issues to life threatening problems. Staying with other corpers will reduce the risk of you facing any security threat.
  • Choose accommodation that is close to your to your PPA as you won’t want to spend your entire allowance on transportation.


  • Take your security very seriously as you are in a new environment and your safety is largely your responsibility. Always stay alert.
  • Inform those you stay with of your whereabouts, so they can easily trace you at all times. Don’t rely entirely on your cell phones because network can disappoint you when you least expect. Look out for each other, don’t be a lone wolf. If you are the “I don’t care” type, you have to drop that before going to your host community.
  • Avoid late nights. Like I said earlier, it’s an entirely new environment, don’t go wondering about at night. It might be save where you coming from but your host community may be an unfavorable zone at night.
  • Don’t flaunt your gadgets eg. laptops, iphones, tablets. When you receive your allowance, don’t announce it. It will be best if you just make yourself an undesirable character.
  • Nigerian roads are really in a bad shape. Travelling always is not advisable. Only travel when there is an important reason to do so. There are different threats out there in form of accidents, robbers, kidnappers, even sea pirates for those travelling by water.


  • If you are in a local community, use the market days in the community to your advantage. Things are usually cheaper on those days. To reduce expense even more, buy things in bulk and with your fellow corpers. You can also cook together and rotate the days to cook. This will save both money and time.
  • Avoid unnecessary spending eg. drinking, clubbing etc. Especially if you are depending only on your monthly allowance. The service year is not a time to live an extravagant life. It is a time to teach you how the world works. Before spending, do well to ask yourself if it’s a need or a want.
  • Don’t try to live like other corpers. The moment you do that, you are threading toward a path to financial breakdown(heart-attack is knocking… LOL). Don’t withdraw all your money at ones, temptation to blow it all up is real.
  • Cultivate a saving habit, even if its a small amount. If not for anything, the fact that you will training yourself on how to control your desires should be a reason enough to start saving.

Other Tips

  • Do everything expected of you by NYSC so as to avoid being disciplined.
  • Be nice to other corpers you come across. It can go a long way into building a lifetime relationship. You never can tell how huge the person next to you will be tomorrow. You may even serving with the next president, minister or even a marriage mate.
  • For guys, don’t forget to carry your own hair clipper. AIDS statistics is shooting through the roof in some communities.
  • Guys, be careful with the ladies in your host communities. Your only agenda there is to serve and not to increase the population of the community.
  • For the girls, don’t go and start forming or whatever it is you girls do. Try not to snub people, no matter what.
  • Take a little Nokia phone that can last for at least 48 hours without charging. You never can tell what the electricity situation is like in the community.
  • Engage in any skill acquisition programme available and take any professional exam you can do. This programmes are usually at discount rates for corpers.
  • Document your service year. It is a one time exercise.

Are there any tips you have in mind? You can add them in the comment box below.

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