Steps To Complete NYSC Registration In Camp

This article is for those who have received their call-up letters and are wondering what it’s like on the first day in the orientation camp.

Well, you’re in the right place. There is a registration that goes on in camp for the first two or three days.

Before we go into the registration process, there are some things you need to avoid taking to camp cos it will surely be taken from you at the gate. Below are the items:

  • Weapons, car, extensions and iron.
  • Cutleries like fork and knife.
  • Gas or stove.
  • Foodstuff, they only allow garri and provisions.
  • Drugs without prescription.

Steps to Complete NYSC Registration in Camp.


Upon arrival, you will show your call-up letter to the officials at the gate and your luggage will be searched by the security. Ones you are good to go, they will give you a tag number.


After you have been allowed in, go to where they allocate hostels and beds. The tag number you collected at the gate will be collected at this point and you will be shown a book to write to put down your name.

Take your bed and locate your hostel and bed space and proceed with your registration process.


You will need six copies as well as original copies of the documents you will present at this phase. The documents are:

  • Call-up letter
  • Green card
  • School ID card
  • Statement of result
  • Certificate of medical fitness


Once your documents have been verified, proceed for the bio-metric verification. This is where the thumbprint you did during the initial registration will be verified. If it is a match, you will be given the following:

  • Registration slip for camp corp members and temporary ID
  • Certificate format
  • Performance report
  • Bio-data

Endeavor to make two copies of the slip for further use. Also, your state code will be in the registration slip you are given. The last digit of the state code you will see is your platoon.

  • 1 is platoon 1
  • 2 is platoon 2
  • 3 is platoon 3
  • 4 is platoon 4
  • 5 is platoon 5
  • 6 is platoon 6
  • 7 is platoon 7
  • 8 is platoon 8
  • 9 is platoon 9
  • 0 is platoon 10

Everything in camp is done orderly and according to platoons. Starting from the last registration point to your last day on camp, your activities will be base on your platoon.


All corp members in camp must open a new bank account. Try to locate them and open one.


Locate the section for collection of kits. It is usually done on platoon basis. So look for your platoon, give them your registration slip, green card and call-up letter. You will fill a form and submit your passport. Usually 2 copies.

If all goes well, you will be given:

  • A meal ticket
  • NYSC complete kit pack

At this point, you can relax your nerves. You have completed your registration and can head back to your hostel to settle down.

If I missed any thing, do well to inform me in the comments section and you may want to share this information with your friends.

Thank you.

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