Mistakes To Avoid In NYSC Orientation Camp

As you prepare for your service which is fast approaching, you need to spend more time understanding how NYSC operates. You need to study about life in camp and other tips that will help you scale through your service year. One way to study about the NYSC is getting tips from those currently serving or those already done with the program.

Below are the things you should not do in the orientation camp.

Mistakes to avoid in NYSC Orientation Camp

Lamination of Documents

On no account should you laminate any of your document. NYSC completely frowns at such. The documents include: Statement of result, Medical certificate, Green card and Call-up letter. Keep this documents well.

Rudeness to Military and NYSC Officials

Yes, we all know that no official including the soldiers are allowed to beat you but do not forget that they have the right to punish you when you go against the existing rules on camp. This punishment includes tasks like squat, sit on the floor, kneel down, stand under the sun etc.

This fact shouldn’t give you a reason to disrespect any official on camp. Doing so can lead to your tag being taken which could become the bedrock of problems during your service year. If for any reason your tag is seized, do whatever is asked for you if it would make them return your tag.

Sexual Harassment

This offense is a very serious matter and can make them show you the exit gate before the end of the orientation. Do not harass any boy or girl. If you like a girl, walk up to her and make it known. If you don’t know how, just tell her this, “I think you are special and I would love it if you could be my friend”, then collect her contact, hang around with her and even buy things for her. If you are lucky, you might win her heart.

Sexual Intercourse

I know that in the point above, I told you how to win a girl over. If you finally do win her over, having sex with her is a great offence in NYSC camp. You will be shown the exit gate if caught with the opposite sex. You may think you are an expert in night affairs, do not forget that you leaving with soldiers that are trained to catch people doing such. They have been in so many camps and know all the tricks.

If you are caught, the officials will make fun of the both of you an of course social media will surely hear about it. Thanks to android phones. Do not let five minutes pleasure ruin many years in higher institution.


This offense won’t only get you out of camp, it could also land you in prison if found guilty.

Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

Yes, I know that they are sold in maami market but they are not for you. You will be deeply sorry if you caught. Especially if you are caught smoking.

Jumping Fence

NYSC camp walls are usually small. Some boys and girls might think flying fence to take a walk outside the camp is fun. You will surely be caught and when they do, you will be disgraced publicly and may even be sent away from the camp.

My question is why jump fence when you already know that is the state you will be in for the next 11 months and also all you need is right within the camp walls.


Everyone in camp are from different backgrounds and do things differently. There is bound to be misunderstandings but as a graduate from a tertiary institution, you know that fighting is not fashionable and not allowed in any legal gathering. Do not allow devil to use you. Instead of being tempted, report every issue to NYSC officials. They are always around,.

Bathing, Urinating and Defecating Around

Always use the bathroom and toilet. In some camps, females give excuse of the toilet being messed up as a reason for defecating and bathing outside. This is an offense.


Like I said, there are different people in camp with different lifestyle. Properties will surely get missing. It won’t be funny for those that will be caught stealing from other corp members. You will loose your pride and your family name will be disgraced.

Forged Documents

There are always those that will want to find their way into the NYSC system. They forge results and fake documents for orientation camp. If you are caught, there will be no plea. You will be on your way to prison instantly.

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